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What are some of our Voiceover Masterclass Members Saying?

Natch Soker, Practical, Engaging & Fun

This course is packed full or presentation GOLD. I’m not a voice over artist nor do I aspire to be but as a video maker I learned plenty. I recommend this course to all video makers & trainers as it not only covers technical aspects such as equipment, but the presenter provides invaluable skills to prepare and improve your speaking voice for a variety of situations and also tells you what to avoid. As an aside I also learned about presenting, scriptwriting & copywriting from watching a professional in action. The course is very well planned, the presenter has a great sense of humor & is very engaging.

Mike DeVincent, Voiceover lessons that will last a lifetime

As someone who has worked as a freelancer, and as someone who conducts all sorts of work (using my voice), I'm very pleased to study alongside the instructors. More than just the technical aspects involved, this course teaches everything you need to know about being a voiceover artist. How to talk. Why to talk. How to market yourself professionally, and even templates and different voice techniques. I particularly cherished the voice exercises that will personally help me a ton. I've had problems sounding at my best and often have a nasty habit of uttering bastardized words (errrrs, uhmmms, ahhhs) and the voice exercises alone in this course will help me 10 fold. Thanks for teaching! It was my pleasure to be a student, and there's plenty here for me to revisit in the future. Wishing you the best!

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This is a screen shot of a very popular website called Voice Bunny where voice-overs can promote themselves and be hired for work...

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Here's What You Get Within Voiceover Masterclass!

You Will Receive 6 Hours Of Easy To Follow Step-By-Step High Quality Video Lessons From A Professional Voice Over

I've Even Included Test Scripts To Test Your Skills As Well As Downloadable Email And Invoice Templates You Can Use To Send To Your New Clients!

Access to our excellent customer support who will assist you with any issues you may need help with.

Access to our Facebook group where you can meet other active and successful voice overs

Receive updates and on-going training to any additional content that we add to the course

  • Complete Blueprint

    The training and guidance given within Voiceover Masterclass is designed for anyone at any level. Whether you have no previous experience at all and just want to get started or if you are aiming to further expand your voice over business. You will find everything you need.

  • Marketing Your Services

    Once you’ve completed the training and feel ready and confident enough to start making some money from your new skills I’ll teach you how to make sure you get found on the internet so you can start receiving a steady flow of customers.

  • Ready Made Professional Templates

    I’m even including downloadable email and invoice templates that you can use for contacting and invoicing new clients. These are the same as I use in my own business, all you need to do is add your own name etc

  • Customer Support

    Full customer support given to help you with any product issues.

    We will aim to reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Don’t forget there is a 30 day full money back guarantee on all three packages, so there is no risk at all; especially as you could get the money back on your first job...and in many situations, training packages are tax deductable anyway!  Order your package of choice now and launch your career to become a voiceover professional with the world at your feet...well, at your mouth!

Millions and millions of dollars are often invested from all over the world on Voiceovers and that's great for the both of us. I would like to help you discover the highly lucrative world of voiceovers, reach financial freedom and achieve your goals.

Peter Baker
5rr Voiceovers Upgrade

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After you have completed your purchase will be immediately taken to the member’s area where you can access all of the Voiceover training.

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