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This includes the video and information from the Bronze module, PLUS

Your own voiceover studio - How to identify and put together the best equipment you need to start your business.
Voice techniques – A really comprehensive video explaining essential reading and delivery skills. How can you interpret a wide variety of scripts and select the appropriate "voice"? What parts of words should you emphasize for effect? What every voiceover should do at the end of most reads. The essentials you need to know from the client, as well as the basics of how to deliver your script to get it accepted first time.
Getting into the head of the listener. How your tone of voice needs to change depending on the different audiences who will hear it.
Anchoring voice styles and accents. This module will install virtual "preset" buttons on your voice to hit the style exactly and to sustain through the script.
Sight reading secrets. How to record without errors and hitting style throughout after having only glanced at a new script. You'll learn how to sight read scripts for much greater efficiency in the recording studio.
Keyboard Shortcuts. Here's how to really speed up the editing you'll need to do after recording and before you send your file(s) to the client.
Showcase Masterclass. Peter Baker presents a wide variety of TV commercials and videos with his voice on, explaining the approach that was taken with each.
Test scripts. This video features ten varied script excerpts. You'll see the text on screen, and informed of the context and usage. You'll be prompted to "unpause" the video, and then read the script in the way you feel it should be interpreted. Then play the video to discover Peter's take on how he would deliver the script and suggest some alternative styles. (Plus extra PDF document with scripts)
Coloring Words. How to make scripts come alive with the imaginative use of "coloring" certain key words.
Your Voiceover Website. The importance of a hot voiceover website and the essential Top 10 tips for it!
Your First Voiceover Studio. How to save thousands of dollars on setting up your own home studio when you have a tight budget.
Audio Books. An introduction to the world of long-form audio recordings for both fiction and factual works.

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Our Online Training Packages Include:

  • Premium Training by One of the Leading Voiceover Experts

    Peter Baker is a professional voiceover with almost 40 years of professional experience; what he doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing.

  • Video Tutorials

    Through his easy to understand instructional videos and accompanying course material, he will impart all the secrets to help grow your business in whatever direction you wish it to go.

  • PDF Downloadable Content

    Download our easy to follow PDF training guides, follow as you watch videos and make notes or keep them for reference guides.

  • Customer Support

    We are dedicated to provide top quality support.

    Our support team is available every day of the week to answer all of your questions.

  • Guidance at Every Step

    The course packages are designed to help you with every possible step you should take, even ready made editable email and invoice templates are included

  • Get Started Within Minutes

    With our packages starting from a Free introductory video right through to advanced editing and marketing strategies, whatever level you’re at right now, you can get started within minutes!

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I worked with Peter in my first video ever. Not only was he amazing at what he does  but he actually taught me several tricks that really made my video way better.  Stop looking, Peter is the guy.

Gilmer Valdes
Gilmer Valdes


- Passive Cash Flow

Awesome service, over delivered. Highly recommended. Thanks again Peter!

- HopePro Advertising

There is NO ONE better on Earth than Peter. No__one. His professionalism, voice, dedication, and professionalism are beyond reproach.

Kris Neely
Kris Neely

Save yourself thousands on your own home voice studio!

I'll provide you with everything you need to create and build a very successful voice over business. I'll show you how to save thousands on your own home voice studio and I'll guide you every step of the way with over 6 hours of high quality video training.

All of Our Training Presented in Stunning HD Video

All finished videos are available in Stunning HD enhancing the message you wish to convey.  The HD Videos we create for you can be played on a variety of products including Tablets, Smartphones, PC’s and Laptops as well as traditional DVD.

Here's What You Get In Voiceover Masterclass...

  • Complete Blueprint

    The training and guidance given within Voiceover Masterclass is designed for anyone at any level. Whether you have no previous experience at all and just want to get started or if you are aiming to further expand your voice over business. You will find everything you need.

  • Access to Blog (Optional)

    Subscribe to the private blog with essential secret additional training, marketing tips, articles and updates, as well as direct communication with Peter Baker himself.

  • Customer Support

    Full customer support given to help you with any product issues.We will aim to reply to your questions within 24 hours.

    Also, receive affiliate marketing training worth $147 Completely FREE! Start making money as soon as today by simply promoting this product to your friends and family.

  • Marketing Guide

    Once you’ve completed the training and feel ready and confident enough to start making some money from your new skills I’ll teach you how to make sure you get found on the internet so you can start receiving a steady flow of customers.

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