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Every Great Video Needs a Great Voiceover!

Thank you very much for your interest in learning the secrets to creating professional voiceovers.  This is not another "get rich" scheme which has no substance, you’ll learn exactly how to create high quality voiceovers for any video, which will drastically improve the video quality, help to deliver your message more effectively and increase conversions! You can use your new voiceover skills for sales and affiliate videos, instructional videos or choose to provide your own voiceover service and get solid regular clients from all over the world and work at your convenience from your own home studio if you wish.

A question I’m often asked is how much can a voice over artist earn?

How about $336 for only 15 minutes work! Sound Good?

Well you will see a screen shot shortly showing how much voiceovers actually charge for their services.

Here are just some of the various income streams you could be seeing very soon as a voice over...

There are so many ways in which you can use your skills as a voice over to earn a full time income whilst only working a few hours or even minutes per day!

You will see shortly how a voice over can typically get paid over $200 for voicing a 5 minute script of around 750 words!

As you can see, there are so many ways in which your new skills could generate you additional income...

Video Production

Audio Books






Movie Trailers

Training Materials


Video Games


It's predicted that online videos will make up 86% of internet traffic in 2016 and statistics show that customers shopping online are 174% more likely to purchase after watching a video than those who have not.

What does every video need to deliver the message effectively?

A high quality, professional voice over and with statistics like these now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity before there's too much competition.

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One of the things that I love about voiceover is that it's a situation where - because you're not encumbered by being seen - it's liberating. You're able to make broad choices that you would never make if you were on camera.

- Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker - Star Wars)

About Peter

I’m Peter Baker, a UK based voiceover, a former BBC news announcer and ITV Granada presenter and the voice of literally thousands of commercials, training films, phone prompts and promo presentations for clients in most countries of the globe...

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I seem to have spent my whole life communicating…

As a kid I was brought up on listening to the UK pirate radio ships and I made my own transmitters (with valves!) in my bedroom and had my own radio station for my town every Sunday when the Post Office people had a day off and couldn’t catch you!

I was amazingly lucky and got sponsored through University by the BBC engineering department, something they don’t do anymore.

At Bath University, I was a presenter on the campus radio station,

University Radio Bath, and loved the job so much I made a showreel and sent it off to the new independent stations around the UK.

Almost immediately I had a job offer from Piccadilly Radio in Manchester, a place I had never even visited! Piccadilly was an astonishingly successful new radio station and I was selected to be a presenter and worked with many great broadcasters and commercial production people who taught me an awful lot about voiceover and presentation techniques.

I hosted a variety of timeslots before getting the rock show gig, where I was interviewing bands and artistes and then I was asked to host the Piccadilly Radio breakfast show for 5 years. If you want to know more about the flavour of the Piccadilly Radio years, check out Chris Evans’ book “It’s Not What You Think”. I worked with BBC Radio 2’s breakfast host Chris when he was at Piccadilly, and he kindly has put me in his chart of “The Best DJ’s I have Ever Heard”!

Very kind of you, Chris!  I also worked with “Mr Jingles” Steve England and radio ad producer Tony Hawkins who really helped me hone my voiceover work as well as learn many audio production techniques.

We were between us writing and producing a wide selection of station promos and radio commercials for clients. After about 9 years in total at Piccadilly Radio, I then got all sensible and got a news job at the BBC presenting on TV. I started off as a bulletin newsreader for the West region, “opting out” from the London feed for the breakfast, lunchtime and late news bulletins.

It was like being a DJ in that I had to operate my own gear! Nobody was in the gallery; I switched my own lights on, adjusted my own “studio”, fixed my microphone and pressed the sequence of buttons to get me onto BBC-1!  Such power!

After doing this for a while, I was also invited to be the presenter of various features and short reports for “Points West”, the BBC regional show and this gave me invaluable directing experience as well as presenting. I continued voiceover work as well as hosting a regular BBC Radio Bristol show.

Returning to Manchester in the late 1980’s, I was offered the breakfast show on the newly formed KEY 103 radio station and also to set up a division making radio & TV commercials. I was also presenting a TV show each evening on ITV Granada called Granada Action, a ten minute “know your rights” kind of show.

Eventually I joined Granada as a staff person, directing and producing all kinds of material and putting my voice on as much as I could; if you ever watched the motoring shows on the UK’s

Men & Motors channel in the 90’s my name was at the end of every one of those shows!  In that era, we also discovered Richard Hammond, who is now a star of the UK’s Top Gear series.

These days, as well as training business people in communication skills and dealing with the media, I’m also a TV director on various projects such as company training videos, I’m a good broadcast cameraman and video editor as well, but my main work is in my custom built broadcast quality studio, where I record voiceovers.

I love the world of audio where your choice can paint so many pictures in listeners’ “Theatre of the Mind”.  I am lucky to be asked a wide variety of really creative scripts ranging from TV and radio commercials to audio books which can mean a whole couple of days or more reading, recording, editing and editing.  My equipment includes top of the range studio Neumann U87 and TLM 103 microphones, and professional software such as Adobe Audition to edit and optimise as required.

Most clients send me scripts with firm direction and let me get on with it, but many like to direct me while recording.  That’s fine, and the best and easiest way is for us to be linked via Skype – but I record the studio output at my end.  Then I edit the recordings with the best takes and send clients the files via the internet after the session.  This system gives far better quality than the ISDN line system which often gives distortion or interference over the miles of lines & compression.

For most non-broadcast projects, the client has total rights over the recording with no future royalties or repeat fees at all.

Check out the rates for broadcast and non-broadcast projects here.

As well as being a very experienced audio editor and producer I also happen to be skilled at video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro; useful if a project involves his voiceover needing to be mixed and adding to existing Powerpoint slides or video footage.

On my demo page you will find extract montages of projects other clients commissioned including a wide range of videos. I am always willing to demo an excerpt of your actual script at no cost or obligation if you send it to him.   They say “if you want anything done, ask a busy man”. Well, I’m a very busy voiceover artist and media producer, but I also really enjoy being busy!  I always have time to fit into my recording session’s scripts for charitable organizations, religious audio projects and good causes which are not charged for at all.

So, if there is no budget for one of your projects that could benefit people or be worthwhile in other ways,

Please feel free to get in touch if I can help you out with a voiceover or two!

On the practical side of business, when you send me your scripts, please double check the grammar and punctuation and please let me know any unusual pronunciations, by giving me links to Forvo or HowjSay,

or please send me an mp3 of you saying the words that I may not know how to pronounce – thanks!

If you’d like to know how long a script is likely to last in time, at the BBC, we always worked out durations estimating three words a second.  So simply count the words in your script, divide by 3, then divide again by 60 to get the number of approximate minutes.

So what do I do in my spare time?  I still create!  I love writing songs, and if you’re interested, please check out the pop demos I’ve written at www.songnet.co.uk   If you need a future hit for your new album, have a listen!

I hope you’ve found this interesting and I look forward to working with you.  Finally a snap of me in the 70’s when I had a bad hair day!  Thanks to Piccadilly Radio journalist Stephen Fleay for the photo!


Bad Hair Day

Look What Other People Had to Say...

I worked with Peter in my first video ever. Not only was he amazing at what he does  but he actually taught me several tricks that really made my video way better.  Stop looking, Peter is the guy.

Gilmer Valdes
Gilmer Valdes


- Passive Cash Flow

Awesome service, over delivered. Highly recommended. Thanks again Peter!

- HopePro Advertising

There is NO ONE better on Earth than Peter. No__one. His professionalism, voice, dedication, and professionalism are beyond reproach.

Kris Neely
Kris Neely

Save yourself thousands on your own home voice studio!

I'll provide you with everything you need to create and build a very successful voice over business. I'll show you how to save thousands on your own home voice studio and I'll guide you every step of the way with over 6 hours of high quality video training.

Here's an example of the fees that Voice-overs charge their clients...

This is a screen shot of a very popular website called Voice Bunny where voice-overs can promote themselves and be hired for work...

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The "Free Microphone Taster" Video

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The “Bronze Microphone” package

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The “Silver Microphone” package

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The “Golden Microphone” package

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