The "Golden Microphone" Package

With GOLD, you’ll receive all the modules and information from the Bronze AND Silver Microphone packages, but also it includes essential fact packed videos and the accompanying ebook on:
The Business Model and Workflow – This will show you how to gain maximum income by maximising your efficiency as a professional voice talent.
The "Announcer" Voice - This is the style that most people think of when you talk about voiceovers, it's actually going out of fashion, but is still a very important part of your arsenal of voices.
The "Hard Sell" Voice - tips as to how to tackle scripts which are overwritten and don't allow you to breathe!
The "Narrator" Voice - How to work on the voice style required by TV documentaries or corporate video soundtracks; understanding the production methods and where the voice talent fits within it.
The "Trainer" Voice - How to adapt your delivery to relate to trainees in the very increasing elearning media production market.
The "Magic Booster" Technique - How to make your voice sound punchy and powerful without the obvious "compression". The essential technique you should use on most of your demo submission files.
Creating demo showreels - If you're not asked to record a custom demo file for a specific script, potential clients will listen to your "showreels". Find out what you need to record and how.
Marketing your voiceover services - Part 1 You may have the best trained voice on the planet, but if nobody knows about you.....! How to set up and optimise your website and find potential clients around the world.
Marketing your voiceover services – Part 2 More essential tips. Also including a tour round the most lucrative voiceover websites where you enrol and work for clients through them.
Templates and Boilerplate - How to use the included templates so save time replying to clients and potential clients.
Reading Waveforms - Here's how to tune your brain into reading audio waveforms as good as reading words on a script, another time saver!
Audio File types - Do you know your wavs from your mp3s?
Editing exercises - To be good at anything you have to keep practicing; here we get into the details of understanding quick and accurate audio editing.
Dealing with multiple files - You may get paid well, but it's a right pain when you're asked to create dozens and dozens of separate files from one script for elearning or computer games. Here are the short cuts so everyone is happy.
Auditioning online - Many voiceover directory sites ask you to audition for each posted job. Here's how to really shine and leave lazy voiceovers who simply send their generic showreel.
Recording at an external studio - The etiquette you need to adhere to and how to maximize your marketing when invited to record at recording studios.
Arm movements when recording - Er, yes, we did say "arm movements"; why following this procedure helps many aspects of your recording session.
Housekeeping – You need to be very organised with your audio files but also with ensuring you get paid regularly.
Paying tax as a voiceover - Boring but essential information; we give you the basics to keep you the right side of the law; there are not many studios in jail.
So, why be a voiceover? - The plusses and minuses of being a busy voice talent in the 21st century.
Top 10 Tips for Voiceovers - 10 really important snippets of information that won't fit in any other chapter but you'll use every day!

The Golden Microphone package ALSO includes templates for emails to get work, and to help you reply quickly to clients for all sorts of different scenarios; all 100% customisable to your own needs. PLUS you’ll get a sample template contract for long-form voiceover projects such as audio books and extended e-learning projects. Change it to your own needs, you own all copyright for personal use.

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