The "Silver Microphone" Package

This includes the video and information from the Bronze module, PLUS

Your own voiceover studio - How to identify and put together the best equipment you need to start your business.
Voice techniques – A really comprehensive video explaining essential reading and delivery skills. How can you interpret a wide variety of scripts and select the appropriate "voice"? What parts of words should you emphasise for effect? What every voiceover should do at the end of most reads. The essentials you need to know from the client, as well as the basics of how to deliver your script to get it accepted first time.
Getting into the head of the listener - How your tone of voice needs to change depending on the different audiences who will hear it.
Anchoring voice styles and accents. This module will install virtual "preset" buttons on your voice to hit the style exactly and to sustain through the script.
Sight reading secrets. How to record without errors and hitting style throughout after having only glanced at a new script. You'll learn how to sight read scripts for much greater efficiency in the recording studio.
Keyboard Shortcuts. Here's how to really speed up the editing you'll need to do after recording and before you send your file(s) to the client.
Showcase Masterclass. Peter Baker presents a wide variety of TV commercials and videos with his voice on, explaining the approach that was taken with each.
Test scripts. This video features ten varied script excerpts. You'll see the text on screen, and informed of the context and usage. You'll be prompted to "unpause" the video, and then read the script in the way you feel it should be interpreted. Then play the video to discover Peter's take on how he would deliver the script and suggest some alternative styles. (Plus extra PDF document with scripts)
Colouring Words. How to make scripts come alive with the imaginative use of "colouring" certain key words.
Your Voiceover Website. The importance of a hot voiceover website and the essential Top 10 tips for it!
Your First Voiceover Studio. How to save thousands of dollars on setting up your own home studio when you have a tight budget.
Audio Books. An introduction to the world of long-form audio recordings for both fiction and factual works.

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